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Philips Pilot

A short experimental visualization of a city developed from the 'City of Lights' style. With the aim of creating a Philips LED look.


At the Annecy Animation Festival we heard from several sources that the film had a Philips sense, or was even a Philips mood movie. With that thought in 2009 we went to work to make a pilot for Philips. The Pilot was an upgrade from the original City of Lights film. We analyzed how the original film could make commercial impact. The main expansion was to add more details, such as inside buildings, people on the street, reflection on objects and water.

Behind the Scenes


Animation, Direction and Design by Teun van der Zalm & Daan Verbiest



This symbolic-surrealistic short film has been inspired by the fact that nowadays parents separate more often and with less consideration. The film tells the story of a little boy who is suffering from the upcoming divorce of his parents.


DVD Region Free | PAL | stereo | 16:9 5:24 min

€25,00 + shipping

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