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Immunology is an action packed shooter with a unique gameplay mechanic which explains a new treatment method, used to fight cancer.


Nijmeegs Offensief Tegen Kanker (NOTK), wanted us to develop a game which brings attention to the immunology treatment, a new treatment against cancer.


Our client is NOTK (Nijnneegs Offensief Tegen Kanker). With this game they want to address a wide targetgroup and promote their researchresults.


We were provided with information and terminology by NOTK, which we used together with information from the internet. En this way we could design the art and shape of our game, and the way the gameplay mechanic is handled.


The starting point of our project was to simplify the steps of the treatment. By doing this we could transfer these steps into the gameplaymechanics.


The final result of our project is a side scrolling shooter with high-end 3D graphics and gameplay that is derived from the treatment method that is currently promoted by the NOTK to fight cancer. Most noteworthy are the visuals and Art and the way the treament steps are implemented into the core gameplay resulting into a quick, eye pleasing and fun experience, that allows the NOTK to explain the treatment method to the masses via a different and perhaps more accesable medium.

Behind the Scenes


Utrecht School of the Arts presents 'Immunology'

Texture artist Anthonie Heul Lead programmer Arjen Hiemstra

3d modeler & animator Ronald Meijers 3d modeler & animator Gijs Kusters

Art Direction Gavin Kempenaar Lead game designer Martijn Willemse

Director & animator Teun van der Zalm



This symbolic-surrealistic short film has been inspired by the fact that nowadays parents separate more often and with less consideration. The film tells the story of a little boy who is suffering from the upcoming divorce of his parents.


DVD Region Free | PAL | stereo | 16:9 5:24 min

€25,00 + shipping

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