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City of Lights

The origins of the City of Lights began in 2007, at the Utrecht School of the Arts. We were commissioned by Inqubative to create content for projection screens in Rotterdam metro stations. This content should have a positive impact on travelers. With this idea, we began to design a visual style. To bring an positive emotion to the audience, we choose to make an atmospheric film about 'light'.


To visualize this, we have developed a style which only luminous objects are visible. The rest of the world will be black. Therefore naturally silhouettes from other objects will appear. 3D animation seemed the best way to visualize this and by keeping the film abstract, we could create a fully animated city. Moreover, this create more room for interpretation.


Research revealed that the city of Rotterdam wants to profile itself as a city of the future. Therefore, the film ends in the future. Eventually, the shots were edited with music of Sigur Rós. The result was a creative, experimental film.


The film was selected for the Dutch Film Festival in 2007, Annecy Animation Festival 2008, Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation 2008 Brest European Short Film Festival 2008 and the Holland Animation Film Festival 2008.

Behind the Scenes


Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht presents 'City of Lights'

Music Alexander Reumers Future Design Andrés G. Lázaro

Animation, Direction and Design by Teun van der Zalm & Daan Verbiest

Film Festivals & Awards



Netherlands Film Festival

25 Sep – 3 Oct | Utrecht, Netherlands


Annecy International Animation Film Festival

9 Jun – 14 Jun | Annecy, France



15 Sep – 5 Dec | United States


Internationales Trickfilm-Wochenende Wiesbaden

15 Oct – 19 Oct | Wiesbaden, Germany


12th Holland Animation Film Festival

5 Nov – 9 Nov | Utrecht, Netherlands


Brest European Short Film Festival

8 Nov – 16 Nov | Brest, France



Némo: le rendez-vous multimédia d'arcadi

10 Apr – 20 Apr | France


Nederlands Film Festival

23 Sep – 1 Oct | Utrecht, Netherlands


1st Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival

8 Oct | Atlanta, United States


13th Holland Animation Film Festival

4 Nov – 8 Nov | Utrecht, Netherlands


19th Invideo: International Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond

11 Nov – 15 Nov | Milan, Italy


11th Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films

3 Feb – 9 Feb | Mumbai, India


CosyMo’s Solar Cinema

28 May – 26 Jun | Noord-Brabant, Netherlands



This symbolic-surrealistic short film has been inspired by the fact that nowadays parents separate more often and with less consideration. The film tells the story of a little boy who is suffering from the upcoming divorce of his parents.


DVD Region Free | PAL | stereo | 16:9 5:24 min

€25,00 + shipping

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